Mission Statement

Closer Classes, LLC Mission Statement

Our mission at Closer Classes, LLC is to encourage and empower salespeople of all skill levels through sharing, teaching, and coaching.

We believe that there are two indisputable facts regarding salesmanship:

Nobody is a natural-born salesperson

Anyone can learn how to be a salesperson

To achieve sales proficiency, one needs to study, practice, trial and error, and do a lot of hard work. Closer Classes, LLC will provide the tools, information, and encouragement to equip our learners to improve.

Through podcasts, vlogs, blogs, on-demand lessons, video conferencing, and in-person sessions, we will meet our learners where they are in both the physical sense and skill level.

All salespeople should respect the customer.  Our classes will not instruct salespeople to cheat, lie, defraud, or mislead the customer.

Above all:

We will sell to help.

A quote by Glen Pavlovich.

This article originally appeared on CloserClasses.com

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