It’s easy to feel like Goldilocks when you’re shopping for a new vehicle. Some cars don’t have the features you want, other cars don’t fit your personality, but then you find the one car that’s just right.

If you’re on the hunt of a vehicle, don’t rush to buy the first vehicle you see on the lot. Instead, you want a vehicle that you know is right for you once the test drive is over. Here are 6 experiences you might have after finding the perfect vehicle.

1. You want to show it off to all your friends

Whether you post pictures of your vehicle on social media, or you volunteer to drive your friends around, you want everyone to know what you just bought. Sure, they might have seen the vehicle in car commercials already, but this is your vehicle, and everyone needs to know that.

2. Every new feature you discover excites you

Your salesperson will show you most of a vehicle’s major features before you buy it, but they probably won’t cover everything. This is actually a good thing, as you’ll still be feeling that joy of discovery for weeks.

Even something as minor as figuring out the function of a button on your steering wheel can make anyone giggle with glee. The user manual that comes with your car may look thick, but you might be surprised by what you find inside.

3. You want the new car smell to last forever

Anyone can recognize the new car scent, but it’s totally different when you’re smelling your own car. It’s as if it’s a constant reminder that your car is packed with all the newest features that you could have asked for.

The new car smell may fade after a month or two, but the memory of new car excitement will stick with you for years.

4. Other cars on the road stop looking as fancy

Car envy is real, whether we like it or not. You don’t have to be the jealous type to see a nice car on the road and think “wow, I wish I was driving that instead.”

Except, after you get your own new car, those feelings start to fade away. After all, you got the perfect vehicle for yourself, why would you want anything else?

5. Whenever a passenger enters, you make sure they don’t leave a mess

It’s a fact of life: cars get dirty. The most sanitary people on Earth can still track dirt or unwanted crumbs onto their car seats. This doesn’t bother a lot of people too much, but when you just bought a car you really like, your protectiveness goes into overdrive.

Just like new car smell, your car is only this pristine and clean once in its lifetime. And when you really love your vehicle, you’ll want that feeling to last as long as possible.

6. You make up excuses to drive it, just because

It doesn’t matter if you impromptu decide to pick up burgers for dinner or you just want to take a joyride. Driving your car is fun. If it’s been a while since you’ve found a perfect vehicle for you, it can be easy to forget how exhilarating driving can be. When even the act of accelerating and turning the steering wheel makes you happy, you know you’ve found the car for you.

If you’d like to reignite your love of driving, then maybe it’s time to find your perfect car. Please get in touch with me and I’d be happy to show you all the vehicles that are available today. Everyone deserves to feel that love for a perfect car, and I can help make that a reality for you too.