Some people think about cars and trucks as a means of transportation, just something to get them from point A to point B. Others are obsessed, spending every extra dollar on maintenance, upgrades, and car parts. Generally, most people fall somewhere in between these two.

But buying a vehicle can do more for you than just get you around town. A new car or truck can change your life in some surprising ways you may never have thought of. Here are some of them:

1. Reset

Buying a new car can signify a fresh start in life. It’s always good to go through a reset, whether it’s for a new year, after a major life event, or just because you need something different. A new vehicle is perfect for that, and can be a perfect catalyst for a “new you.”

2. Technology

Technology changes faster every year, and the vehicles of today are much more advanced the vehicles of last year. You might think your current car has all of the amenities, but you haven’t seen what the manufacturers have been hard at work on. From self-driving features to incredibly comfort settings, newer vehicles are straight out of a science-fiction book.

3. Confidence

It might sound silly, but a new vehicle can be a huge confidence booster. It doesn’t have to be a vanity thing, either. A nice, clean new ride can make you feel like you’re on top of the world, and if you take great care of it, then the feeling can last a long time.

4. Utility

The right car for your needs can change your life by making it much easier and more convenient. If your family has outgrown your car and needs something bigger, making the change will be a huge improvement. If you’ve battled through harsh winters with a RWD coupe, switching to something with AWD will make driving in the snow feel effortless. Buying the right vehicle for your needs is life-changing.

5. Safety

Modern vehicles are significantly safer than older ones. In fact, automotive fatalities have been decreasing for decades, thanks in part to rigorous vehicle safety standards that push manufacturers to make safer cars every year. You and your family’s safety is literally the most important thing you should think about, and a new vehicle will help you sleep (and drive) with more peace of mind. 

6. Joy

Let’s not forget one of the absolute best things about buying a new car: the fun and joy it can bring you. Picking up a new or new-to-you vehicle should be an enjoyable experience, especially when you get to drive it off the lot and show it off to your friends and family. And that feeling of waking up the next morning and seeing it in your driveway is always a great one too!