5 Things To Look For In A Family Car

Are you looking to find the perfect vehicle for your whole family? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Every day, I get people coming to me to look for the perfect family car. While these customers often have particular needs in mind, I often suggest certain cars and features to them that they never even knew they needed. To help you on your search, here are the 5 things to look for while you’re shopping for a family vehicle.

1: A spacious interior and trunk

If you need to drive the kids to soccer practice or have places to go with parents and in-laws, you know you’ll want plenty of room. But believe it or not, finding a vehicle with the space you need isn’t so simple.

Not all cars are created equal. Some minivans are noticeably more compact than others, and even certain mid-size sedans pack a surprising amount of trunk space. Certain cars even provide more legroom for backseat drivers than others. This just goes to show that you don’t have to get a minivan or SUV if you want a lot of space.

2: Climate controls

I’ve seen many couples that openly wonder why one of them is wearing a sweater outside when the other is wearing a t-shirt. And trust me, when you start driving around kids and relatives on top of that, it’s easy to fight over the air conditioning.

Climate controls allow you to individually set the temperature for the driver, the front passenger, and the rear passengers in a vehicle. If you’ve never driven in a car with this feature, trust me, it works like a charm. You’ll never have to fight over the temperature in your car again.

3: Comfortable seats

It takes a while to know if a car seat “clicks” with you, but it’s time well worth spending in the dealership. Not only do you have seats made of different materials, you also have features in the seats that totally change the driving experience.

For example, if you suffer from lower back pain, you’ll want seats with lumbar support. In fact, if you haven’t sat in the driver’s seat of a new car in a while, you’ll be amazed at just how customizable some seats are. No matter who’s in the driver seat, anyone will appreciate a perfectly comfy seat

4: Smartphone connectivity

Some may think smartphone connectivity is a luxury feature, but trust me, in this day and age it’s essential. Even if you don’t own a smartphone, your children and relatives are going to want to easily turn on their GPS navigation from your vehicle.

Most importantly, if you have or expect any young drivers, you especially want smartphone integration in your car. Seamlessly switching music from the steering wheel helps keep eyes on the road, which means much fewer chances of an accident. This brings us to our last point…

5: Excellent safety features

Every car has safety features, but some have them better than others. Even the number of airbags differ between cars, which can be the difference between life and death depending on the collision.

Safety isn’t limited to airbags either. Blind-Spot Monitoring prevents fatal mistakes, and Rear Cross Traffic Alerts can prove invaluable when backing out of tough parking spots. Let’s face it: if you’re buying a family car, no feature is worth more than the precious cargo you’re transporting in it. That’s why I want to help you find the car with the absolute best safety features.

Do you want a feature in a family car that I didn’t mention here? Don’t be afraid to give me a call, because I still might have a vehicle on the lot that’s been waiting for you.


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