10 Signs That It’s Time To Trade Your Car In

Cars are hugely important to most people’s everyday lives. Transportation, convenience, and enjoyment are all byproducts of owning a vehicle, not to mention how fulfilling it feels to get into a car that you enjoy every day.

But sometimes the car you’re driving is no longer the right car for you and you need to consider trading it in for something new (or new to you). If you’re unsure of whether or not it’s time to do that, here are ten signs that it it:

1. Repair costs

If you’re finding yourself constantly spending money to repair your vehicle, it’s probably time to trade it in. Not only will the repairs costs keep mounting the older your vehicle gets, at some point the costs of the repairs will be higher than the costs associated with purchasing a new car.

2. Payment

If your payment is too high, there’s a good chance that you might have bought “too much car.” The best way to bring that payment down to something more manageable is by trading it in for something a little more affordable. It might sting at first, but your wallet will thank you later.

3. You’re bored

It may very well be that you’re bored with your car and want to switch it up, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Many people spend so much time in their car that having to drive something they’re sick of becomes a chore. Don’t be shy, trade it in! 

4. You got a raise

Some people will take a vacation after getting a raise at work, but others prefer to take some of their new income and get pick up a vehicle. Maybe you’ve had your mind on one for some time, and getting a raise is the perfect excuse to indulge.

5. There’s something new you love

If a new model, or just a different vehicle than yours has really got your attention, it might be a sign that it’s time to trade your car in. It’s like having a crush on someone, it won’t go away until you at least try to make your move. And if you don’t, you’ll always have regrets.

6. You’re going through a life change

Life changes can be good or bad. A divorce, a child on the way, a big move, a career change. Whether good or bad, life changes often necessitate a vehicle change as well. And if you’re looking for a fresh start after a life change, what better way than with a new ride? 

7. You’re embarrassed to be seen

There can come a point where that car you’ve been driving for a long time becomes embarrassing to be seen in. Whether it’s because it’s covered in rust, has lots of dents and dings, or is just not your style anymore, if you hate being seen in it, trade it in.

8. Safety

As you get older or start a family, safety starts becoming a major concern. Driving an unsafe vehicle is a really stupid thing to do, and a great reason to get rid of it. Also, newer cars have safety features that older ones don’t, so if safety is a concern then trading in is a no-brainer.

9. Size matters

People outgrow cars the same way they outgrow houses and realizing that your car is too small to handle your family, transporting items, or work-related travel is very frustrating. Larger cars, trucks, and SUV’s are more popular than ever, and there are plenty of options in between too.

10. You want to reward yourself

You work very hard for your money, so why not reward yourself for your hard work? There are always so many great vehicles you can pick from that’ll put a smile on your face, and there are new ones that come out every single year. Treat yourself to something you’ll love. 


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