The 7 Reasons You Should Absolutely Buy A Truck This Year

Trucks used to be a niche vehicle, reserved for farmers, blue-collar workers who needed to haul their tools, and Marty McFly, for when he wanted to impress his girlfriend Jennifer in Back to the Future. But over the years, trucks have become mainstream and are now just as popular as every other type of vehicle.

In fact, trucks and SUVs are selling better than ever as smart shoppers see the value in these vehicles. So why should you consider buying a truck this year? Here are seven great reasons:

1. Trucks are tough

Trucks are the most durable vehicle available. Whether you’re trying to get through a snowstorm, down those bumpy backcountry roads, or hauling a giant dresser that your mother-in-law guilted you into taking, trucks are the perfect solution. Trucks are specifically engineered to withstand abuse, sort of like politicians.

2. One Word: Towing

Trucks are one of the vehicles that can safely tow a boat, trailer, or whatever else you need moved from point A to point B. Of course, that will also mean that your annoying neighbor Rick will try to get you to help him move, but it might be worth it to get him out of your neighborhood.

3. You can make money

Aside from Uber drivers, most people don’t think of their vehicles as potential revenue-generating assets. But trucks are inherently valuable because they offer unique capabilities that people want. You can set your truck up with a snowplow and make some money on the side, start a moving business, or use your truck to start any number of ventures that requires the appearance of professionalism and a roomy flatbed.

4. They’re safe

A University of Buffalo study showed that very large pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles had the lowest frequency of personal-injury claims. Dr. Dietrich V. Jehle, who presented the findings said, “The most important point of our study is that vehicle weight and price have a positive relationship with vehicle safety,” So while you might need to spend a little bit more, you’re likely to be safer.

5. You get more for your money

The versatility of the pick-up truck really gives you more bang for your buck. A normal-sized vehicle can be great for daily commuting but a truck can offer you so much more. And the improvements, modifications, and technological advances that have taken place over the last few decades mean that your truck can be just as (if not more) luxurious, technologically advanced, and comfortable as any luxury sedan out there.

6. Mileage Improvements

While larger pickup trucks will certainly get worse gas mileage than a smaller car, modern trucks are more fuel efficient than ever before. According to the EPA: “Pickup trucks are now at their second highest recorded fuel economy, only slightly behind MY 1986 (when trucks were much smaller and on average weighed one third less than new trucks today)” And continually low gas prices should make the MPG concerns all that much less relevant.

7. You know it, I know it, trucks are fun

There are lots of practical and functional reasons for buying a pickup truck. The best reason to buy one, however, is because they’re just so much fun! Riding high in a truck cabin feels so much different than in a sedan or (heaven-forbid) a minivan.* Whether you’re going mountain biking, camping, off-road, or just love the feel of being in control of a freshly-washed pickup truck, there’s no denying that it’s unlike any other driving experience. 

*I would also be more than happy to help you find the right minivan is that’s the direction you’d like to go in.


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