There are hundreds of thousands of car salespeople in the United States, and thousands more who have worked in the industry at some point. This makes automotive salespeople one of the biggest segments of salespeople in the country.

And if you sell (or have sold) cars, then there are a few things that only you would understand. The average person who has never sold cars would never relate to any of these things. Here are ten signs that you’re a car salesperson:

1. You drink as much coffee or energy drinks as most normal people drink water

2. Every night you dream about VIN numbers, lost car keys, interest rates, and terrifying test drives

3. The soles of your shoes usually don’t last longer than a few months from walking the lot so much

4. You always at least try to negotiate when buying something because you know that you can’t get it if you don’t ask

5. You know the make, model, features, and reliability of almost every single car you see

6. Your income can be more than a doctor’s one month, and less than a high school freshman’s part-time job the next

7. You know what a weekend is in theory, but you haven’t experienced one for yourself in a long time

8. You’ve had to blow up and tie balloons around the car lot at least once in your life

9. You know what it’s like to feel like you’re on top of the world one minute, then at rock bottom the next, and then back on top of the world, all in the same afternoon

10. Many of the people who have bought cars from you have ended up becoming your acquaintances and friends for life