5 Things You Can Do To Speed Up the Car Buying Process

The general public likes buying cars but usually doesn’t like the process. Driving off in a new (or new to you) vehicle is a great feeling, but many people find that choosing and buying a car can be too time-consuming and stressful.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be. There are certain easy things you can do in order to speed up and simplify the car buying process. Here are five:

1. Determine exactly how much you can afford

If you’d like the car buying process to go quicker, it makes sense to sit down and figure out your finances and how much you can, and are willing, to spend on a vehicle. Try to determine how much money you have available for a down-payment, whether or not you’ll be trading a vehicle in, and how much your ideal monthly payment is. Knowing all of this ahead of time will make you a more informed buyer and help speed up the process when you’re ready to buy.

2. Gather (and bring) the correct paperwork

Getting all of your paperwork ready ahead of time can save you hours when you’re buying a vehicle. Bring your current car’s title (if you’re trading it in), your driver’s license, a most recent pay stub if you’re going to be financing, and your checkbook. Also bring your insurance agent’s contact information so that you can get a quote and coverage for your new vehicle.

3. Figure out exactly what you’re looking for

While some people do figure out the exact make and model of the vehicle they want to buy ahead of time, it’ll help save time to at least figure out the type of vehicle you’re looking for before going car shopping. If you’re not sure whether you want a sports car or an SUV, it’s going to be a lot longer of a process. However, if you can determine the style of vehicle, then you’re likely to have a much narrower set of choices, and therefore a quicker and easier car buying experience.

4. Clean everything out of your trade-in

This might seem like a minor detail, but if you want to get in and out of the dealership quickly when you’re buying your next car, make sure to take everything out of your trade-in before leaving the house. It can be pretty obnoxious to spend time in a dealership parking lot transferring everything out of your old vehicle into your new one after doing paperwork, especially if you tend to have a lot of stuff in your car. Save some time and clean it out first.

5. Work with a salesperson you can trust

Unfortunately, a lot of time spent in a dealership is time that’s spent going over numbers. This process is much more complicated if you’re working with someone who you don’t feel comfortable with, and can get dragged out unnecessarily. If, however, you’re working with a trusted and reputable automotive sales professional, it will go a lot more smoothly. So if you’re considering looking at a new (or newer) vehicle, and want the process to be as pain-free as possible, let me know and I’d be more than happy to help you.


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