Some people think that it doesn’t matter who sells them a vehicle, that it’s all the same and you should buy from whoever you speak with. But in reality, nothing is further from the truth. With all of the changes taking place in the automotive industry over the last decade, auto sales has become more of a consultative sales process that focuses on a great customer service experience than on aggressive price haggling.

This is why it’s more important than ever to work with the right auto sales professional for all of your vehicle needs. Here are eight reasons why it’s so important:

1. Listening 

The right salesperson will take the time to really listen to your needs and understand what you’re looking for. The wrong one will interrupt you, ignore what you have to say, and focus on what he or she hopes to accomplish instead of on what you’re really trying to say.

2. Attitude

Car sales can be a stressful profession, which is why the right salesperson will have a great attitude no matter what else is happening around them. This means a more comfortable, pleasant, and attentive buying experience for you.

3. Pushiness

Car salespeople have been stereotyped as pushy and aggressive, but the right salesperson is neither. They understand that this is one of the biggest buying decisions you can make, and will be patient and respectful throughout the process, without the high-pressure tactics.

4. Product knowledge

This point shouldn’t be understated. Great salespeople understand their product in and out, and can answer (or find the answer to) any questions you may have. In today’s high-tech automotive world, this is more important than ever.

5. The extra mile

Buying a vehicle isn’t always easy, but the right salesperson will go the extra step to make you happy. Whether it’s tracking down a vehicle you want and trading with another dealership for it or driving a hundred or more miles to get to you, a great automotive salesperson go well above and beyond for you.

6. Responsiveness

There’s nothing worse than being ignored or left hanging, especially when you’re the customer. The right salesperson is prompt and responsive, whether it’s an email, text, or voicemail. This includes helping you with any issues after you’ve already purchased the vehicle. 

7. Integrity

Nobody wants to be taken advantage of, and great car salespeople have built their career and reputation on behaving with the highest possible level of integrity for their customers. They will always tell you the truth, even if it hurts their bottom line or costs them a deal.  

8. Fun

Too many people forget that buying a car or truck should be fun! The right salesperson loves what they do, has fun doing it, and makes the entire process fun for his or her customers. And as a buyer, it makes all the difference in the world to have a good time while going through the process. So if you’re thinking about shopping for a vehicle, call me and I’ll show you exactly why I’m the right car salesperson for you.