There are some people who hate shopping for a vehicle. They get stressed out, overwhelmed, and dread having to go through the process. Other people might not necessarily hate it, but also don’t look forward to searching for and buying a vehicle.

But car shopping shouldn’t be something you dread. In fact, it’s a process you should enjoy and even have a little fun with. In order to do this, there are ways you can eliminate the unpleasant parts of buying a vehicle. Here are some:

1. Understand what you’re looking for

Identifying what your needs are and what you’re looking for in your next vehicle will help narrow down your search and save you from looking at too many options. You don’t have to narrow it down to the model, but an idea of the type of vehicle you need (compact, sedan, SUV, etc.), along with some features that you really want will get you out of the gate much faster.

2. Have realistic expectations

One of the biggest challenges some people run into when shopping for a vehicle is that their budget doesn’t match their expectations. Vehicles these days aren’t cheap, but many are affordable through leasing and financing options. Just be sure that you understand what’s out there and how it relates to the expectations you may have before you go shopping.

3. Have an idea of your budget and credit

Similar to the above, you should have an idea of how much you’re willing to spend, and also what your credit profile looks like. This doesn’t mean you need an exact figure, but a range on you’re willing to pay monthly (or total) can help you narrow down your options. Similarly, if you’re planning on financing or leasing, you should know roughly how good your credit is, and make sure to let your salesperson know accordingly. 

4. Make sure to test drive the vehicle

Buying a vehicle without taking it for a test drive isn’t recommended. Always plan to take the vehicle you’re interested in out for a drive and try to get an idea of how it feels in various conditions, whether it’s in traffic or on the highway. The worst thing you could do is buy a vehicle without driving it first, and find out that you absolutely hate driving it on the way home.

5. Be nice

Contrary to what many people believe, trying to bully a salesperson into a better deal isn’t the best approach. Being nice to employees at the dealership will go far in helping you get a great deal and great service. You catch a lot more flies with honey than you do with vinegar, and that’s also very true when it comes to buying a car.

6. Be a little bit flexible

Very rarely do things go 100% to plan, and that applies to big transactions like buying a vehicle. You need to be a little bit flexible if you want things to go smoothly. So if a vehicle has every single thing you want except one feature, or if a proposed payment is $30 higher than you anticipated, don’t walk away unless those are truly deal breakers for you.

7. Buy from a great salesperson

Who you buy a vehicle from can be just as important as the vehicle itself. It can affect your price, your experience, and any other issues or concerns that could possibly come up after the transaction. It’s always better to work with someone you can trust and feel comfortable with, so don’t assume that all automotive sales consultants are created equal. And if you’re looking for helping finding your next vehicle, contact me below!