Humans tend to naturally dislike being told what to do, but many of us also have a hard time making decisions. Whether it’s choosing which restaurant to get takeout from, picking out clothes for a work event, or buying a vehicle, many of us second-guess our decisions throughout the process and hesitate before making a choice.

But buying a vehicle doesn’t need be difficult (especially if you call me). There are a few key points you should consider when making your decision. If most of these factors work in your favor, then a vehicle is right for you. Here are seven factors that can help you decide:

1. Does the make matter to you?

There are some people who are loyal to certain manufacturers, and others who couldn’t care less. If you favor one brand above all others, then you’re likely to feel more comfortable sticking with it. If you’re brand agnostic, then your choice of vehicles increases significantly.

2. Do you like how it looks?

Since you’ll be spending a lot of time with your new vehicle, you should like (or at least tolerate) how it looks. Ideally, you’ll like how it looks so much that you’ll turn around and look back at it every time you park it somewhere. But even if you’re not obsessed, it helps if your new ride is easy on the eyes.

3. Do you feel comfortable driving it?

This is absolutely critical to consider when buying a vehicle. Never skip the test drive, and pay attention to how comfortable you feel in the driver’s seat. Some cars and trucks are just a bad fit for a driver, so don’t ignore your instincts when taking it for a spin.

4. Is it the right vehicle for your lifestyle?

You need to seriously consider your lifestyle when shopping. Whether you have children or pets, the types of activities and places you drive to, and the climate of where you live will all play a significant factor in what type of vehicles you should be looking at. A sports car won’t work for a family of 6 unless you have another vehicle, and someone who loves to drive through blizzards to go skiing should think twice before buying a RWD car.

5. Can you afford it?

This is obviously a major consideration when making any purchase, but critical when shopping for a vehicle. Of course, you might have a price range in mind when going shopping which can change if you come across something you really fall in love with. If this is the case, it’s ok to stretch your budget a bit if you can truly afford it. Just make sure you’re bring smart.

6. Could you see yourself driving it?

Not to get too hokey, but try picturing yourself as the owner of the vehicle. Picture getting into it every day to get to work, to get around town, and to take friends and family places. If you can envision it, and it makes sense in your mind, then you’re probably on the right track. Listen to your gut, it won’t steer you wrong.


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