6 Ways Some Car Buyers Sabotage A Great Deal

There are lots of factors that come into play when you’re buying a vehicle. The price range you’re looking at, the local market, your credit score, and industry trends all play a role in determining whether or not you end up getting a great deal.

But there are some car buyers who, in a misguided effort to game the system in their favor, inadvertently sabotage their chances of getting a great deal. Of course, these people don’t do this intentionally, who would? If you’re shopping for a vehicle, avoid doing the following things that can potentially sabotage a great deal:

1. Being too inflexible

One way to ruin a great deal is by being too inflexible. For example, perhaps a buyer is offered last year’s model vehicle which is heavily discounted, but refuses to buy it instead opting for a brand new model. There’s nothing wrong with doing that, but it could cost you money for no reason. The same applies to passing up on a great deal because it’s not the exact color, or the very exact options you’re looking for. It’s great to know exactly what you want, but sometimes it could mean passing up a great deal.

2. Withholding information

Sometimes, customers buying a vehicle think they might get a better deal if they keep certain things a secret until the last minute, like having a trade-in vehicle, certain credit history, or down payment. Withholding any information will never get you a better deal. In fact, it could backfire if the salesperson is proceeding as if everything you’re saying is true, offers you a great deal, and then has to change the terms upon finding out that you withhold certain information. Be upfront and you’re much more likely to get a great deal.

3. Being rude

Trying to bully your way into an amazing deal is very likely to backfire. Let’s face it, automotive salespeople and dealerships are pretty used to hard-nosed negotiations, but what they don’t tolerate is being mistreated. You will not get somebody to do something you want them to do by treating them like crap. Treat everybody with respect and you’ll receive the same in return. Don’t be someone who sabotages a great deal by being rude.

4. Assuming it’ll last forever

This is the most common way that car buyers sabotage a great deal. By waiting too long and assuming a deal is good for days, weeks, or months, a buyer ends up missing out completely. The automotive business moves fast, more at the speed of retail than the speed of real estate. If you see a great deal that works for you, don’t spend too much time thinking about it or leaving to hopefully have someone else beat it. Take the great deal. As they say, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

5. Trying to negotiate even further

You can’t fault someone for trying to make a great deal even better, but trying to negotiate past an already fantastic offer can backfire and leave you without any deal at all. This usually happens when someone has an offer for a great price on a vehicle but tries to push it a bit further and threatens to walk otherwise. Most of the time, the original deal is as good as it gets, and the buyer is forced to either keep their word and leave or backtrack.

6. Not working with the right salesperson

Working with the right salesperson is the best way to get yourself a great deal, and doing otherwise is the best way not to. The right salesperson will listen to your needs, push hard to find the right vehicle for you, and then work with you on getting the best deal possible. Don’t assume that all automotive salespeople are created equal. Be picky about who you buy from and you’ll never have to worry about sabotaging a great deal.


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