We all know people who always seem to be driving a different vehicle, and others who have been driving the same one for what feels like decades.

Before the great recession of 2008, the average American owned approximately 13 vehicles in their lifetime. After the recession, people were more hesitant (or unable) to switch vehicles as frequently, and that number went down to about 9.4 cars.

Cars today are built better than ever before, which means that they last longer and don’t need to be switched out as frequently as they used to. On the flip side, technology is evolving faster than ever, and every year there are more and more amazing features that automakers are developing which make cars that are only a few years old seem obsolete.

So how often should you switch cars in this day and age?

The answer is……..it depends.

The first thing you need to consider is safety. If your current vehicle is unsafe, then you shouldn’t hesitate for one second before getting rid of it and into something new. Driving an unsafe vehicle is never ok.

Next come the financial aspects of vehicle ownership. There comes a point in a vehicle’s life-cycle where paying for repairs and maintenance is more expensive than simply replacing it. Also on the financial front, some people want to decrease their car payment or keep it the same but drive something a bit newer, both of which are great reasons to switch.

The third thing you should consider is your needs. Life changes happen to all of us, and oftentimes the vehicle that suited us before no longer does. Maybe your commute just got 50 miles longer, or your family has grown by one person or more. Whatever your situation is, if your vehicle isn’t conducive to your current lifestyle, then it’s time to trade it in.  

Lastly are the more superficial (and most fun) concerns. Maybe there’s a car or truck you’ve had your eye on for a long time and you just gotta have it. Or maybe you’ve gotten a nice raise at work and want to reward yourself. While the reasons aren’t practical, these tend to be the most enjoyable reasons to switch cars.

So if you’re considering switching vehicles, or have any questions at all about the process, feel free to reach out to me anytime, and I’d be glad to help you out in any way I can!