6 Terrible Reasons Not to Buy a Car

When we want something, we come up with lots of interesting ways to rationalize why we should buy it. Whether it’s viewing the purchase as a reward for working hard, or the “YOLO” (You only live once) rationalization, if people have to have something, they’ll come up with some great reasons to buy it.

But some people’s reasons for not buying something can be equally as ridiculous. Justifying purchases isn’t the same as coming up with silly reasons for not buying something that you want and can afford. When it comes to buying a vehicle, here are some terrible reasons to pass on a car or truck that catches your eye:

1. Wheels

So you don’t like the rims on a car…that’s ok! But it’s a terrible reason not to buy it, because wheels are designed to come off. If everything else about the vehicle works for you, don’t pass up a good deal because of something so trivial.

2. Last year’s model

Passing on a car because it’s last year’s model is like not buying a steak at the grocery store because it’s been out in the freezer for a day. Today’s vehicles are built to last decades, so unless you absolutely have to impress the neighbors (who probably won’t even notice the model year difference), don’t sweat it. You’ll also probably get a better deal on the vehicle too.

3. Accessories

We all want new floor mats, window tints, and splash guards as part of our vehicle purchase, but it’s important to look at these things in context. They’re accessories FOR your vehicle, they’re anywhere near as important as the vehicle itself. Sure, it’s ok to ask for these things, but don’t ever walk away from the vehicle you want if it doesn’t come with floor mats.

4. Small payment difference

You might have a certain payment range in mind, and perhaps that’s all you can afford. But if you’re within striking distance of your payment range, and it’s the vehicle you want, don’t walk away over it. It’s better to be happy with what you’re buying and pay a little more than to pay exactly what you want to pay but feel lukewarm towards your new ride.

5. Color

There are exceptions to this rule of course, and some people find certain colors unacceptable, but most of the time, color is a terrible reason to walk away from a car deal. Manufacturers make the vast majority of their vehicles in common and popular colors, so unless you really, really hate it, don’t get too hung up on the paint.

6. What someone else thinks

You should never, ever not buy a vehicle because of someone else’s opinion, unless you’re buying it for that person. You’re the one who will be paying for the car, you’re the one who will be driving it, so if YOU like the hot pink convertible with a purple top, then you should buy the hot pink convertible with a purple top.


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