5 Reasons Why You Should Never Pass Up a Great Car Deal

We’ve all heard the old expression that if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. This makes most people nervous and very skeptical when they hear about a deal or offer that seems too good to pass up.

But there’s a flip side to a deal that might sound too good to be true: what if it’s not? When shopping for a vehicle, you can find yourself facing this same dilemma; the deal you’re being offered is much better than you could have imagined. Instead of being skeptical and asking for more time to think it over, you should strongly consider taking the deal. Here’s why:

1. Oftentimes, it’s the truth

We get nervous when we’re offered an amazing deal because we always think there’s a catch. But when shopping for a vehicle, in most cases the great deal is for real. Don’t assume you’re being lied to. There are dozens of reasons why a dealership or salesperson would offer you a huge discount or some other concession. Don’t ignore your own good luck. 

2. Someone else will take it

If you don’t jump on a great deal when you can, someone else will absolutely take it. Very rarely do heavily discounted vehicles last long. If it’s a vehicle that you had in mind, there are probably thousands of people out there who are considering that same vehicle, and these days people are willing to drive hundreds or more miles away from where they live for the right deal.

3. Incentives

This is one of the biggest reasons why a dealer could be offering an amazing deal on their vehicles or on a particular model(s). Manufacturers will give dealerships incentives if they sell a certain number of vehicles or specific models, so if the dealer is trying to hit that target, they’ll be willing to practically give a vehicle away because the incentive will be worth much more to them. Similarly, a salesperson could have similar incentives from their dealer that would motivate them to give you a one-in-a-lifetime deal.

4. Deadlines

The incentives mentioned above always have a deadline, so don’t assume they’ll last very long. It’s also nearly impossible to figure out the timing for these types of deals since some may be monthly, quarterly, or annually. But if you’re lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time, don’t miss the deadline.

5. It might be the best deal you can get

Even when we’re offered a great deal, we might wonder if we can get an even better deal somewhere else. Don’t fall into this trap, because you’re not only unlikely to find a better deal somewhere else, you’ll probably end up losing the original deal. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, especially if that bird is going to save you thousands of dollars on a vehicle.


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