The 5 Coolest Ways Cars Can Interact With Your Smartphone

Are you one of the 2.5 billion people who own a smartphone? If so, you’ve got to see the cool things your phone can do with a new car. And yes, 2.5 billion people is the real statistic.

Everyone knows that a phone is a great way to queue up some great tunes on the road. And nowadays, answering a call hands-free is practically a standard feature. That said, modern cars are finding amazing new ways to integrate your phone into your driving experience. Some of these features are so cutting edge that you might not know they exist!

If you’d like to see some examples, here are five smart features many cars and phones come equipped with today. Make sure to take advantage of as many of them as you can!

1. Load up maps on your car’s display

GPS has become an essential feature for many drivers, so it’s a good thing that every modern smartphone comes equipped with one. Most drivers rely on third party car mounts to see their phone’s screen while they drive, but this can be an imperfect solution. You might have to block an air vent, or your phone could come loose after an abrupt stop.

This is why many cars now allow you to mirror your phone’s screen on the center display, which can give you a clear view of your directions without any additional accessories required. Spend more time looking at the road and less time fiddling with your phone.

2. Remember where you parked

This is one of those features that many smartphone owners with bluetooth compatible cars probably enable by default. So for those of you without a bluetooth compatible car, you might not even know this feature exists.

Never forget where you parked again by simply loading up your phone’s maps app. You can even get an exact route to your car!

3. Lock your car from your phone

Nowadays, many cars are compatible with brand specific apps that can enable all kinds of cool features. While we’d be here all day describing each of them, there’s one consistent feature that many of these apps have: locking and unlocking your vehicle from your phone.

Yes, your phone can actually act as a makeshift set of keys if you so desire. Some cars even let you start your car from your phone. This way, you can ensure your car is warmed up (or cooled down) before you even get into the driver’s seat.

4. Set the temperature

Of course, it’s not just drivers who can enjoy cool smartphone features. Passengers in applicable vehicles can actually use the corresponding apps to fiddle with the climate controls.

This is especially great for backseat passengers who can’t normally reach the temperature controls. Of course, setting a perfect temperature can be hard when everyone can change the settings at will, so remember that with great power comes great responsibility.

5. Get roadside assistance

You don’t necessarily have to get into an accident to need roadside assistance. But when the time comes, you might not even know where you are. This is especially true at night, when it’s easy to miss exit signs or landmarks that would make for good waypoints.

Fortunately, many cars and smartphones now allow you to send your exact GPS coordinates for roadside assistance. It’s an easy process, and it ensures that you’ll never be stuck on the road without help. As cool as many cars and smartphones are these days, this is one feature that shows how modern cars keep us safer.


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