5 Ways To Keep Your Car Cool In Warm Weather

Goodbye cool weather, hello sweltering heat! The warmest months of the year are finally here, but how will your vehicle fare under the hot temperatures of the season?

We all hate getting into a hot car. In 90 degree weather, the inside of your car can heat up to over 150 degrees if left out in the sun for too long! That’s too much for anyone to endure, and hot temperatures wear down your vehicle too. Fortunately, there are ways to mitigate that heat. Here are five ways you can maximize your comfort this summer

Note: Even if you follow all of these steps, your car can still heat up quickly. Do not leave pets and children unattended in your vehicle.

1. Crack your windows.

The main reason your vehicle gets so hot is because the sun’s rays can easily pass through your windows, but they have a harder time getting out. Cracking your windows won’t wholesale solve the problem, but they will alleviate it a little bit.

For your vehicle’s safety, don’t leave an opening in your windows larger than your arm. Even if you’re eager to keep your vehicle cool, there’s no need to tempt fate for it either.

2. Cover your windshield and dashboard.

If you wonder why you see parked cars with covers completely enveloping their windshield, there’s a good reason for it. The best way to keep your vehicle interior safe from the sun is to block it, and window covers do an awesome job of achieving that goal.

Similarly, you can use beach towels to cover your seats and dashboard on a hot day. Even if you own a windshield cover, it’s still recommended to put those unused towels to use if you can.

3. Park in the shade.

Shade keeps us cool on a hot day, and your vehicle is no exception. If you see a parking spot with some extra shade, make sure to snatch it up quickly. Even if it’s not the best spot otherwise, your vehicle will be better off for it.

4. Let your vehicle ventilate before getting in.

Once you return to your vehicle, there’s no reason to jump into it right away. Let all that hot air out by opening your vehicle’s doors before getting in. And when you do hop into the driver’s seat, starting your drive with the windows down will help the hot air circulate out.

There are other tips and tricks for ventilating your vehicle before you get into it, but this is the tried and true method for most drivers out there.

5. Put your car’s air conditioning to work.

You’ve followed every step on this list, and now it’s time to put your vehicle to work. A vehicle with a quality air conditioning system can get your interior to a comfortable temperature in a matter of minutes. What’s more, some vehicles have a re-circulate feature that will help them get that stagnant hot air out even faster!

Many modern vehicles are finding new ways to combat hot summer weather. For example, vehicles with a remote start feature can let you run the air conditioning before you even open the driver-side door. If these kinds of features interest you, then I’m here to help. Give me a call or send me a message, and I’d be happy to show you a vehicle that will keep you cool and comfortable for the entire summer. The hot summer months are for you to enjoy, and a hot vehicle shouldn’t slow down your plans.


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