5 Steps To A 5-Star Delivery

Forget the CSI score. Forget the TO to your manager. A 5-Star delivery will help you sell each customer more cars! These 5 steps will get you there.

How many cars do you want to sell to each customer? Statistics say that the average person will own about nine vehicles in their lifetime.  

Just take a moment to think about that.  

How well you do on this delivery could make or break eight future sales per customer.  Think of it in terms of a family, and that number grows substantially. If you’re serious enough about this job to look at the big picture, each quality delivery could earn you an additional 30 sales or more.

The closing ratio and gross per sale on repeat and referral customers are significantly higher than fresh leads.  

The most important fact to remember regarding a quality delivery is that it is 100% your responsibility that the customer feels that they were given the best possible service during delivery.

Don’t underestimate the value of a quality delivery.

But, F & I was running late!
But, prep didn’t do a good job of cleaning the car!
But, the receptionist made a mistake!
But, the weather was bad and we don’t have a delivery bay!

Get off your but and plant it in your head that you are 100% responsible for a quality delivery.

Your dealership owns the customer, but you own the relationship.  

Think of it this way; you run a small business. You are a business of one. Your dealership pays for your facilities, the floorplan, stocks the vehicles, maintains the building, pays for the insurance, the lights, and everything else that’s needed to run the dealership.  

But, it’s up to you to build the relationship.  

Remember, relationships sell.

Keep the relationship healthy by giving your customer a true 5-star delivery.

1. 100% accurate and complete paperwork

Delays getting into F & I are nearly always caused by incomplete or inaccurate paperwork. If you have to keep running back and forth from your business manager or desking manager to get everything you need to bring your deal jacket to finance, you waste your customer’s time.

2. Prepare The New Vehicle 

Running around at the last minute to get the books and keys does nothing but annoy the customer and show them that you don’t value their time. Use every moment wisely! It’s up to you to make sure that the new car is ready to present to your customer. It’s ultimately your responsibility to make sure that everything regarding the new car is ready.  

The prep department will help, the inventory manager will help, the service department will help, nearly every other department in the dealership will have played a hand in getting the new card ready, but it is you that will be with the customer when he finds smears on the window or dirty floor mats.

I guarantee that it is better to discover these problems before your customer does. I also guarantee that it’s better to have solved these problems before your customer sees them.  

3. The Trade-In

The customer is going to be excited to drive away in their new car. It’s going to be up to you to help them make the transition from old to new smooth and easy. There is a lot you can do to help. At a minimum

  • Have a new and clean box, or better yet, a nice bag for the customer to use. Offer it before they ask for it.
  • Double-check the trade-in for often-forgot items such as 
    • Garage remote controls
    • Sunglasses
    • CDs/DVDs in the system and the seat pockets
    • Tollroad EZ Pass

4. The Dealership

Whether this is the first car this customer purchased from your dealership or the 9th, treat them like they are your special guest. The most challenging sale you will ever make is to a fresh opportunity. The smoothest sale you will ever make is to your friend. Spend this time showing your friend around your workplace.  

  • Give the customer a tour of the service department
  • Show the customer where to buy accessories
  • Talk about the neat things that are around your dealership
    • Interesting artwork, memorabilia, old dealership pictures, etc.
  • Talk about the reasons you love working there

5. Delivering The Car

This is where your product knowledge and the relationship you’ve built with your customers shine. You get to take your customer on an interactive journey of their new car.

Make your delivery hands-on. Have the customer help out as much as possible.  

In your time with the customer, you’ve learned about the features that are important to them. Get very specific. If the hands-free liftgate was an important feature, make sure the customer understands how it works before they leave.


Start with a walk around the vehicle.  

Talk to your customer about everything they might encounter during their ownership experience.  

Don’t be afraid to discuss areas where the customer may struggle. 


Have your customer press buttons on the technology. Show them that it is unbreakable.  

Always, ALWAYS offer to go through as much of the car as the customer would like. 

Take your time.

Demonstrate it. Then have the customer try it.

Always be patient. 

This just scratches the surface of what goes into a 5-star delivery. We cover a lot more in training.

If I can help, let me know.

A quote by Glen Pavlovich.

This article originally appeared on CloserClasses.com

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