What Is The Best Closing Question?

Every salesperson ever has wondered what the best closing question is. The secret to closing is really no secret at all.

Everything you do, say, and ask will lead to a sale.

I’m sure it’s disappointing that there isn’t one simple question that you can use to close the sale. But, the reality is that every question you ask propels the sale toward the finish line.

I’m reminded of an often repeated quote in sales circles

A sale is always made.

Either you sold the customer on yes,
or the customer sold you on no.

Original author unknown

If the salesperson has done their job correctly and precisely followed the specific sales process, a single closing question is unnecessary.

Here are five things to do during the sales process that will lead to more sales and less confrontational closes.

1. Create A Positive First Impression

What did the customer think of you when you first came into view?

  • Were you smiling?
  • Were you dressed well?
  • Did you give a quality greeting?

2. Make Friends With Your Customer

We trust our friends. We take their opinion seriously. Most of us will place a lot of value on the recommendation of a friend.

Making friends is easy

  • Be interesting in what your customer is interested in
  • Be concerned about what your customer is concerned about
  • Listen, rather than talk

To make friends, you need to know how to get your customer talking.

3. Ask The Right Questions

Asking questions isn’t enough; asking the right questions is what propels the sale forward.

The customer didn’t come to the lot to make a friend. They came to shop for a car.

It’s up to you to take the initiative and ask the right questions to build a friendship. You need to be in control

Each customer is different, each scenario is different, but overall, you will want to know the why rather than just the what.

Let’s assume that the customer tells you that she needs an All Wheel Drive

The Salesperson Knows

  • The customer drives in the snow.

The Friend Knows

  • The customer leaves early in the morning, sometimes before the plows have cleared the roads.
  • The customer is a nurse.
  • The customer drops their 3 year old off at daycare.

To get the customer talking, you must be able to ask the right questions at the right time. We spend a great deal of time in our one-on-one training, practicing and rehearsing asking the right questions.

4. Present The Right Vehicle

The easiest way to sell a vehicle is to present the features of an in-stock vehicle that best suit the customer’s needs.

Please note that I said to present the features of the vehicle.

  • Is the customer’s hot-button safety? Present the safety features.
  • Is the customer’s hot-button comfort? Present the specially tuned suspension.
  • Is the customer’s hot-button cargo and passenger space? Present the roomy interior.
  • Is the customer’s hot-button technology? Present the touch screen with Android Auto and Apple Car Play.

Did you realize that using these examples could allow you to present the same car to four different customers and sell each of them on various aspects of the same vehicle?

5. Assume That The Customer Came To Buy

The customer is at your dealership because they want to buy a car. They may not have intended to buy at this visit, but let’s face it, you’re the best salesperson they’ve met.

  1. You made a friend
  2. You asked the right questions
  3. You presented the right features

Heck, there’s no reason for the customer not to buy this car, this minute, from this dealership and from you.

If you doubt it, they’ll doubt it.

After the demonstration drive, put a sold tag in the window and invite the customer to come inside to monkey with the figures and get them out of here so they can enjoy the rest of the day.

You see, if you’ve done everything you were supposed to do, you won’t be asking a specific closing question. You’ll simply invite the customer to grab their insurance and registration out of the glove-box and come on inside so we can get all the paperwork out of the way.

Dozens Of Closing Questions

The reality of closing a car sale is that, if appropriately asked, nearly every question you ask during the sale is a closing question. You will ask literally dozens of closing questions along the way.

Each and every question is one step closer to closing the deal.

And making a friend.

If you’d like to learn how to ask better questions, let me know.

Until next time

A quote by Glen Pavlovich.

This article originally appeared on CloserClasses.com

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