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7 Vehicle Maintenance Tips You Should Know Even if You Don’t Care About Cars

Owning a car is a privilege but it’s also a responsibility. It’s tempting to think of a vehicle as something you pay for and then only have to fill up with gas every once in a while. Unfortunately, like pets and family members, vehicles require love and attention too – just maybe a little bit less.

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5 Great Ways To Make Your Road Trip Better

Almost everyone has memories of road trips. Some are good, some are bad, and some are just okay. Fortunately, you can easily make sure your next road trip is one of the good ones.

Whether you’re alone or with family and friends, a road trip can be breathtaking and exhilarating. All you have to do is follow a few key tips when making your preparations. The following five steps will all but ensure your next road trip is one to remember.

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How Much Safer Are Modern Cars?

Regardless of what vehicle you drive, there’s one feature every automobile owner absolutely wants: safety.

Although a small minority of drivers get into car accidents, we all know the consequences can be dire. Even perfect drivers can still find themselves in severe accidents. This is where our vehicle’s safety kicks in. Nobody wants to get into an accident, but at least a reliable car can protect us from harm in the worst case scenario.

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How Long Will Your Next Vehicle Last?

If you’re going to spend thousands of dollars on anything, you’ll want to invest in something that will last.

This is especially true of vehicles. According to modern statistics, the average driver keeps their vehicle for about 6 years. Meanwhile, the average new home owner will stay in their first house for 3-5 years. That’s right, statistics show that you’ll actually own a car longer than your first house. And if you play your cards right, you could wind up owning a new vehicle for a lot longer than that too.

If you buy a new vehicle today, how long should you expect it to last? Well, how does over a decade sound?

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5 Great Ways To Save Money On Gas

With proper care and maintenance, you can avoid spending a lot of money on your vehicle. However, there’s one thing we all got to spend money on whether we like it or not: gas.

Studies show that the average American driver spends $2,000 a year on gasoline. Heck, if you wind up driving your car for 10 years, you could wind up spending more on gas than you did on the car itself! No one wants to spend more on fuel than they have to, and fortunately, there are many easy ways for drivers to cut their fuel costs down to size.

Below are five ways you can spend less at the pump in the long run.

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Reasons To Reconsider Buying That Cheap Car

If you’re shopping for a vehicle, price will inevitably be one of your main concerns. So the natural solution is to go on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, sort their available cars by price, and pick the cheapest option, right?

This method will easily connect you with car deals that look too good to be true. And… well, that’s because they are too good to be true. Even if you think you’re saving thousands of dollars on a cheap car with a bit of damage, you could be setting yourself up for more long term spending overall. Let’s go over the reasons why.

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Can You Really Keep A Vehicle Safe Without A Garage?

If you’re thinking about buying a new vehicle, it’s natural to worry about how to best protect it.

Vehicles are big investments, and even a dent or a scratch can potentially knock hundreds of dollars off a vehicle’s value. For many drivers, it’s easy to avoid accidental damage by storing their vehicle in a garage at home. But what about drivers who don’t have a garage to use? Are they putting their vehicle in danger by leaving it outside at night?

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Milwaukee Business News

Mary Ellen Stanek focused on impact inside and outside Baird
Mary Ellen Stanek is a business leader, a community supporter and a philanthropist.
Milwaukee Tool agrees to $15 wage in Milwaukee downtown office, labor groups seek more
In order to qualify for up to $20 million in city of Milwaukee grants, Milwaukee Tool will sign an agreement to pay employees at least $15 an hour at a proposed office redevelopment downtown but an executive stopped short of committing the company or its service firms to guaranteeing benefits and job protections.
Exacta's Family Organizer Plus allows families a safe exchange of information
The app includes a family calendar that pulls individual schedules from smartphones and a secure chat function. It also allows parents to monitor their children’s social media feeds without having to publicly “friend” them.
Waterstone Mortgage finds many benefits to e-closing technology
Waterstone Mortgage prioritized its digital mortgage project in 2020, even more so after the pandemic hit and the demand for contactless closings spiked.
Talimer aims to revolutionize tech freelance marketplace
Diversity is a top priority at Talimer. The founders believe it is the responsibility of people in power to connect underrepresented populations, including women, people of color and LQBTQ+ individuals, with resources to bridge the gap.
Former GE Healthcare exec forms Novir to assist groups in rapid Covid testing
Alexander Kempe, a former GE Healthcare executive turned entrepreneur and investor, struck a partnership with Noviral, a company in his native Sweden, to form Novir in spring 2020.
The mission of i.c. Stars Milwaukee is simple: find talent, train talent, put talent to work
The program has graduated 83 individuals from its intensive technology career training. Eighty percent have found full-time technology careers with an average salary of $50,000 per year.
Milwaukee entrepreneur launches social connection app with COVID scale
A Milwaukee startup is making it easier to connect with friends during the COVID recovery. bLinkup is a social app that uses geolocation to notify users when friends are nearby and displays crowdsourced data at top rated locations.
DOT opts for more study of I-94 east-west expansion, adding up to a year to planning
The Wisconsin Department of Transportation will spend up to one additional year studying traffic levels and collecting public input on its proposal to expand Interstate 94 around the Stadium Interchange.
Milwaukee Public Museum and America’s Black Holocaust Museum partner for new national exhibit
It simply took the words "Nelson Mandela" for America's Black Holocaust Museum CEO Robert Davis to know he wanted to work with the Milwaukee Public Museum on a partnership that involved the Milwaukee Public Museum becoming the first U.S. institution to host the touring exhibit "Nelson Mandela: The Official Exhibition."
See 3rd Ward two-story penthouse condo with rooftop deck on market for $1.8M: Open House
A two-story penthouse condo with a wraparound deck in Milwaukee's 3rd Ward was recently put on the sale block for $1.8 million. Check out the attached slideshow to get a look inside the luxury and unique condo.
Tuesday marks opening of Milwaukee area’s first Biggby Coffee
Biggby, based in East Lansing, Michigan, started in 1995.
Drexel Building Supply to create 50 jobs with New Berlin development
Drexel Building Supply Inc. will create 50 jobs with an $11 million New Berlin development that will add a lumber yard to its existing Waukesha County operations.
Milwaukee Brewers and Fairway Independent Mortgage launch partnership
The Milwaukee Brewers and Madison-based Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp. launched a new multi-year partnership to support community initiatives and add more signage in the newly-renamed American Family Field.
BMO Tower: Project of the Year — Milwaukee Business Journal 2021 Real Estate Awards
Developer Irgens overcame several challenges to complete the BMO Tower in downtown Milwaukee, the Business Journal's Project of the Year for the 2021 Real Estate Awards. Find out more about the high-profile development that is one of the newest additions to the city's skyline.

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