The world is changing faster than ever before.

What will the new world of car sales look like?


make your car stand out

2 Simple changes in the way you clean your cars for inventory will motivate customers to buy from you



Three bonus items you can give to your customer to give you the edge.

Better than Fatory Fresh

Customers don’t want factory fresh. They want better!  Learn how to give them what they want.

Let the customer desk their own deal

Turn your desking tool over to the customer and they’ll set up their deal better than you would.

SELL FASTER. make more money.

Word-tracks to use to help your online customers buy right now.

How fast is too fast

How quickly you respond to leads can cost you deals.
Is it possible to answer too fast?

The Answer To Dealing With Rude Customers!

Simple tricks to turn rude customers into paying customers who keep coming back.

The Human Touch

Now more than ever, the post-COVID car buyer wants a human salesperson.  Avoid the appointment mistakes that are costing you money.

Increase Service conversions

The post-COVID buyer is more likely to service at your dealership.  If you use this new method.

100% online trade evaluations

There is a right and wrong way to do online trade evaluations.  Learn how the Post-COVID customer wants them done.

The End of BDC

A step-by-step guide to revamping your BDC to help the post-COVID buy the car they want right now.


Learn how telling the customer what is wrong with the car will make selling it a lot easier!

A Completely new sales process

Learn a sales process that engages the new buyer in ways they aren’t expecting.

“The Customer is ready to buy.

He needs you to help him believe.”


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